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» August 29, 2015 / -10:44 PM
Sturgeon Moon

Precisely today is a full moon day. They call it Sturgeon Moon. The moon is nearest to the earth in its orbit. They usually use the term Supermoon to shorten it. Super Sturgeon Moon, to complete.

For this special day, I would say thank you for not hiding from me.
I felt relieved that you're willing to sit and had a little laugh beside me.
Thought it will be very super duper awkward, as I always predict.
But the last 20 minutes is something that I cherished.

From the time we separated until now, I always pray for your happiness.
Wishing that there's no stiff gap anymore.
Hoping that you're doing well.

If we meet again, someday, I will be brave and talk to you first.

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» August 23, 2015 / -3:21 AM

Dibalik kata yang tidak terucap, ada doa yang terbacakan.
Jika hanya bisa diam, maka ada pelukan yang mewakilkan.
Dibalik mulut yang tidak mampu terbuka, ada mata yang tak lepas melihat ke depan.
Jika tak bisa hadir hari ini, maka ada hari-hari lain yang menunggu.

Dan selalu ada yang mengalir dalam hembusan alam.
Untuk keselamatan, kebahagiaan, dan kesejahteraan.

Semoga sehat selalu.
Peluk cium dari Bandung.

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» August 17, 2015 / -10:02 PM

The name of the element is derived from the Greek word χρῶμα, chrōma, meaning color. - Wikipedia 

Well, seeing that this year is Chromium year, I wish that I can feel every color in life.
Doesn't matter if it's dark or light, monochrome or colorful, shiny or matte.

Let's wish for a (more) colorful year!

And yes, I will put my phone on "All Alerts Off" mode.
I will read any incoming text, LINE, FB's wall or mention about my birthday but I won't reply it until the next day. I won't pick up the phone too (except from my mom, my grandma, and my lecturer most likely). So, if one day you contact me and I reply it on the next day, you finally know my birthday! :D

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» August 11, 2015 / -12:04 AM
So, Hi!

An urge to write a post in the middle of making thesis. Hahaha.

So, what happened with July that makes me can't even drop 1 post here?
Well, nothing. Let's say, I just try to keep everything in my mind.

But, it's difficult since I always spent at least once a week to write something (even it's just a rant).
And I currently have another blog to write. To write story, precisely.
So I will keep all my stories in the newest blog and all my daily thoughts here.

What excites me about the newest blog is I can write stories that relate to my current fave songs! Yippey!
It's like my personal playlist.
It's also a good reminder on how my playlist changed based on the months and the mood. Definitely a great way to memorize all the great songs you've liked (and perhaps to share it with others in the future!)

Oh, don't be so curious about the blog. Please.

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