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» June 17, 2015 / -9:29 AM
Conversation Started

Two men sat across me inside an angkot. One of them asked me about angkot's cost from their hotel to Simpang Dago. From that single question, we talked a lot. The older one once stayed in Bandung for several days. And this week, he asked his grandchildren to come along with him to see around Bandung. His grandchildren is a student in KU and currently studying about other cities' culture.

Later after they arrived, a women who watched us previously talked to me. She asked me why I'm being so nice to a stranger. Well, I'm just being helpful since I know about it. And after that, we talked a lot. She encouraged me to do things that I dreamed of and gave me lots of blessings.

Talking to a stranger in a city transportation is not usual for us here. So getting a chance like that is something awesome.

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» June 15, 2015 / -11:58 PM
Ah! It's You!


I'm glad that now you're with her.
I suppose you won't complain again to me about your life.
I believe she's your source of happiness.

I saw you. Today.
I saw your laugh.
I saw your sparkling eyes.
I sensed your happiness.

So go on and enjoy your life.
Happiness now in your hand.
As long as you hold her.

So long and goodbye!

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» / -1:10 AM
June and Rain

What if I say that I miss you?
Because rain starts to pour and it reminds me of you.
But I only heard the sound of the rain.
Because it's too painful to watch the grey skies.

And for every raindrops that touch the ground, there's a prayer for you.

tak ada yang lebih tabah
dari hujan bulan Juni
dirahasiakannya rintik rindunya
kepada pohon berbunga itu
- Sapardi Djoko Damono

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» June 02, 2015 / -9:47 PM

Buat saya, kenangan itu adalah kepingan peristiwa yang tersimpan dalam alam bawah sadar. Bukan otak yang menghadirkannya, tetapi hati atau perasaan.

Buat saya, mengingat itu berbeda dengan mengenang. Ketika saya mengingat, maka yang ada adalah potongan peristiwa yang saya tangkap dari masa lalu dan kadang harus dipaksa untuk bisa muncul. Ketika saya mengenang, maka yang ada adalah potongan peristiwa beraama dengan emosi yang saya rasakan dari masa lalu dan muncul dengan sendirinya.

Maka, jangan samakan ketika saya berucap, "Saya akan mengingat kamu." dengan "Saya akan mengenang kamu." karena kedua hal tersebut memiliki makna yang berbeda bagi saya.

Dan untuk saya, kamu hanya akan teringat, dan bukan terkenang.

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