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» April 26, 2015 / -10:32 AM
Sentimental Choice

Apparently, these few days I made a lot of sentimental choice.

I ate something because it reminds me of someone's favorite food.
I went to a place because it reminds me of a meaningful event that happened there.
I listened to a song because it reminds me of someone's favorite song.

But in the end, is sentimental choice a good choice?

I just took a few spoon and left my food unfinished.
I only took a few steps and left that place.
I listened to the song all the time until I fell asleep.

Maybe I miss that particular someone.
And in the end, I chose something that I can relate to.

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» April 13, 2015 / -5:07 PM

Kemarin saya diingatkan lagi oleh seseorang.
Diingatkan untuk membuka pintu maaf sebesar-besarnya.

Laki-laki itu memang brengsek.
Brengsek itu memang kodrat mereka.
Tapi sejauh mana mereka bisa mengontrolnya.
Dan tidak semuanya memiliki kontrol itu.

Saya harus bisa memaafkan.
Karena dimaafkan adalah hak dan memaafkan adalah kewajiban.

Terutama untuk kamu.
Lelaki yang sempat singgah sebentar.

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» April 11, 2015 / -2:45 PM

ここにあなたがいないのが 淋しいのじゃなくて


» / -12:45 AM
Wrong Side of The World

What will you do if you wake up on the wrong side of the world?
Will you make your way to the right side of the world?
Or will you live forever at the wrong side?

What will you do if there's something that you really want on the other side of the world?
Will you try to reach it?
Or will you forget it?

What will you do if you know that "the one" lives in another place?
Will you take a once in a lifetime chance to go there?
Or will you wait until he/she comes to you?

But now, are you living on the wrong side of the world? Or not?

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» April 05, 2015 / -5:02 PM
(Another) Hi!

So, Hi!

Eventually, I cannot keep up with my promise to write a story every week.
It's kinda sad when every night your brain started to develop a plot but your eyes want to close.

But anyway, as I wrote a month ago, I continue cleaned up few stuffs left.
I started with deleting some Facebook notes and photos.
I tried to deactivate some membership in forum but turned out a failure.
So, I keep the membership but deleted the avatar and personal message.

It's kinda sad for me to know that I live in Bandung for last few months.
A friend of mine expressed her disappointment when she knew I will leave Bandung.
Well, my heart and mind are not ready to face Jakarta tho'.
But who knows what will happen next.

Let's say that it will be a new beginning.
A great, awesome, new beginning.

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» April 02, 2015 / -11:38 PM

No one is responsible for my own happiness, except myself.
No one is responsible for chasing my own dreams, except my own.
Don't chase other people's dreams.
Don't let others steal your dreams.

Make sure that you're happy with what you're doing.

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