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» December 27, 2014 / -12:48 AM
Second Night

So, yeah, I finally arrived in Jogja.

I thought that able to cross the street in Bandung is such a huge accomplishment.
But wait until you cross the street of Yogya.
It's pumping your adrenaline more.

I've been to several places in Yogya for one and a half day.
Borobudur Temple, Malioboro, Kraton and Pasar Malam Sekaten.
My third day will be filled with walking from museum to museum.

Photos will be posted soon!
Wait for it!

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» December 15, 2014 / -12:55 AM
To say goodbye

Apparently, a friend of mine is currently running a charity event. We can donate toys and they will send it to kids in needs. Go check for more detail information!

Since I have this intention to give my unused clothes for another charity, so why not I give my dolls as well?

But actually, it's not easy. Never easy.

I know all the story about my dolls. Especially the piggy one a.k.a Nyun, once featured in my old Multiply blog. So everytime I look at them, it feels like watching a movie.

So this morning, I decided to keep only 2 dolls and give the rest of them. It was okay when I put them in a  big bag. And suddenly my eyes started to teary. Remembering that I will never see them again. 

But then I remember that this is for a good cause. There are more kids that need this instead of me. And yes, writing this post helps me a lot to reassure that I'm okay without them. That I will keep them in my mind, not in my arm.

So, for the last few nights before I bid my final farewell, I will hug them until I fall asleep.
Good night.

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» December 13, 2014 / -2:33 PM

I just re-read again Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love".

There was one point, where Wayan told you about how to heal a broken heart. One of it is to travel far from the person you loved.

That's why I bought a ticket to Yogyakarta for Christmas holiday.
It marks my first backpacking!
There was actually a cheaper ticket to Singapore, but since my passport is in Jakarta and I have no guts to travel alone outside Indonesia, Yogyakarta is not a bad option. At all.

There is something inside that tells me, " I have to go somewhere aside from Jakarta and Bandung."
Actually I only planned to stay for a night or two, but since it's Christmas, why not spending a night more there!

So, please expect my story in Yogyakarta soon.
And finally I have another city labels in this blog! Yeay!


» December 09, 2014 / -11:03 PM
R i n d u

Merindukanmu bukan berarti aku harus mencarimu.
Paling tidak aku tahu kamu berada dalam kondisi terbaik.

Merindukanmu bukan berarti memaksamu memberiku kabar.
Paling tidak kamu sadar bahwa kamu selalu punya tempat untuk pulang.

Merindukanmu bukan berarti kamu nantinya akan melupakanku.
Paling tidak kita pernah menghabiskan detik dan menit bersama.

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