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» May 24, 2014 / -9:59 PM
The Secret

How much time do you need to know that particular someone can have the trust to keep your secret?

This thought was suddenly popped out  on my mind.

For example, your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Why do you think your couple can keep your secret?
Because maybe you just know them for weeks or months, not years.

In my case, I told secrets to 'him' (or let's change it to 'ex')
But my ex usually knows my secret after about 4 months together.
The secrets itself wasn't something surprising, tho'.
All of my ex (I only got 2, for real) got to know my secrets and they gladly accepted it.

What about so-called-best friends?

I, myself, (still) refuse to call someone as my best friend.
I love to call them my 'accepting friend' coz we accept each other for our own good and bad.
And yes, I share my secrets to them, slowly of course.

But there is one thing that hold most of my secrets.

This blog, definitely.

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» May 23, 2014 / -12:14 PM
The Truth

I finally found my courage.

By the time I meet you again, I will tell you everything.
From the first day we met until the time we spent the time.
Maybe I don't care what you're going to say or reply.
It's just my own curiosity.

Wait for my surprise.

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» May 06, 2014 / -9:36 PM
Tingling and Dazzling

Today, we met again.

This is not the first time we meet, but I don't know. It just feel...


We shared hugs and asked about each other's news.
It's just a split second.
But why I feel something different?

We always share hugs when we meet.
We always ask about each other's news.
Even we used to laugh together.

But not today.
Somehow, your gaze is different.

The gaze that gives me the 'tingling and dazzling' feeling...

The gaze that says "It's you who I'm looking for"


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» May 05, 2014 / -9:32 PM
5 Tahun Yang Lalu...

Aku pernah menjatuhkanmu hingga terporosok dalam..

Aku ingat kita begitu dekat namun aku tidak menerima pernyataanmu.

Kamu yang dulu begitu baik, yang berani untuk melakukan hal yang bahkan kamu bilang ini yang pertama kalinya dihidupmu.

Dan kemudian kita terpisah selama 4 tahun.

Aku tidak tahu apa maunya Tuhan mempertemukan kita kembali.
Kamu bahkan sepertinya lupa akan luka yang kubuat 5 tahun lalu.

Kamu masih begitu baik.

Aku tidak tahu apakah aku cukup baik untuk menerima kebaikanmu.

Sebut saja ini klise atau omong kosong atau sampah, tapi kamu terlalu baik.
Terlalu baik untuk orang yang dulu pernah menjatuhkanmu.

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