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» November 30, 2013 / -1:34 AM
One Ok Rock live in Jakarta

I actually wanna watch the second show of moumoon (read my report here for the first show!), but because I had to make sure I'm fit enough to watch One Ok Rock's concert, so I decided to go home after the meet and greet.

I got media pass for One Ok Rock's concert, along with my PD, Tubagus Akmal (who played OOR's song everyday during #LoveCinta hahaha). We waited for 4 hours for the media registration to open, but during that time, we heard the sound check! They did awesome during sound check and I believed it will be more awesome during the show!

The new couple: Media pass and ID card!

The gate opened at 6 PM and we ran to get a good position, but we still managed ourselves to bought OOR's merchandise like wrist band and t-shirt. Luckily, we got a very good position, right side of the stage and next to the barricade. Who would imagine that later Taka would jump down the stage and stand next to us while singing 'Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer'!!!

I don't know what happened to me but I cried again while they performed 'Be The Light', 'The Beginning' and 'Wherever You Are'. Hahahaha, just me being drama :')

Awesome lighting!!

Overall, I love the concert so much! They really rocked the night, and we love the promoter too since they kept on giving us water hahaha. Even though they didn't sing 'pierce' and 'the same as', but they really showed their best performance. The crowd was epic too, we sang together in all song (really remind me of Laruku concert last year) Can't wait to rock with them again!!!

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» / -12:50 AM
moumoon live in Jakarta

I'm really excited the moment I know moumoon will perform in Jakarta for J-Music Lab.

Even though the next day I should attend One Ok Rock's concert (and check the report here!), but I can't help myself to watch their performance.

Departed from Bandung at 09:30 AM, I miscalculated the time since it's Saturday. I thought I will reached Senayan by 12 PM, but I arrived there 30 minutes later. Thanks God I still managed to get the ticket and watched it with my friends! :D

@moumoon_masaki is カッコいい and @moumoon726YUKA is かわいい

I really love the setlist! 'Sunshine Girl', 'Bon Apetit', 'Love is Everywhere', 'moonlight', 'DREAMER DREAMER' until the encore 'Chu Chu' was epic! I must admit that I cried during their performance hahaha. It's just, I can't believe that I finally can watch them live in Jakarta!! Even though they don't sing my favorite song, 'blue rain' and 'sweet heart', and I didn't watch their last encore where they sang 'good night'.

Yuka and Masaki were very communicative. They spoke English very well so we're happily replying what they said. And they were quite surprise that we spoke Japanese quite good (well, not me of course...) I can see they were really enjoy performing in Jakarta and had a really good time with the crowd...

Sign! Sign! My CD's got signed!!!!

And this lucky girl got her CD's signed!!! Had meet and greet session and see them reaaaalllyyy close made me speechless. I only told them that I work as a radio DJ and promised to tweet them when I play their song. So, expect me to play moumoon's song a lot during December HAHAHA! :D

I will wait their next performance someday. Hopefully it's going to be full band!

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» November 16, 2013 / -11:59 PM
Fortune Telling

I have a special interest with fortune-telling and personality stuffs.

I remember, each of my family member has a book that represents their date of birthday. It's all about our personality and fortune from many perspectives.

During my high school days, I read a lot about tarot reading even though I have no tarot card. I also learned about palm reading.

Once, I had a palm-reading session with a Japanese grandmother. She said this and that and many stuffs. Until now, most of her reading is (surprisingly) correct hahaha.

Yesterday, I met a friend who happens to be a tarot reader. I asked 2 questions that bothered me for several weeks. And surprisingly (again), both had the same conclusion: I need to choose wisely...

After the reading, it makes me want to learn tarot reading again. Yeay!

Now I'm taking my time to think and to choose. Hopefully I make the best decision :)

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» November 07, 2013 / -10:26 PM
The Worst Feeling

Believed that he's in the end of my red string of fate but actually it's just tangled.
He's not the one and I still don't know who's in the end my red string of fate.

And it goes all over again...

What about you?

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