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» August 15, 2013 / -1:06 AM
Feeling 22

My birthday is in few days but still I don't feel any excitement.
Well, it goes on every year...

As a person who always wait for a certain moment to start a new resolution or hope, my birthday becomes one of it. When I was in Jakarta, I spend my birthday alone in my room beside having the ritual of singing "Happy Birthday". But since I'm in Bandung, I'd like to wander around alone when I have spare time.

Last year, I spent my birthday in Jakarta since it was long holiday. No cake, no singing, just made a simple home-cooking dish for the the family. The other time was when I still with my boyfriend so we just had a simple lunch and got surprise from my friends.

For this year's birthday, I want to turn off my phone the whole day. But I think that's too risky, since my mother always angry when I don't pick up the phone. I guess I just put my phone on "All Alerts Off" mode. I will read any incoming text, LINE, Kakao, FB's wall or mention but I won't reply it until the next day. I won't pick up the phone too (except from my mom and my grandma, most likely). So, if one day you contact me and I reply it on the next day, you finally know my birthday! :D

Anyway, happy birthday to all the Leo!


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