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» July 27, 2013 / -12:32 AM
Trace of Memories

This morning, my friend asked me whether I still keep one of his stuff or not.

I borrow it 4 years ago and haven't had a chance to return it so I was happy to know that he still remember that I still keep his stuff. He promised to take it after Idul Fitri.

I remember he got it from his ex-girlfriend who also my friend for his birthday when we're in high school. I helped my friend looking for it which at that time was one of the rarest and pricey item on Kaskus. Even I can't find the same stuff again nowadays.

I believe, in every item that we treasured, there's a trace of memories.
The one who gave it, the message, the occasion. It's all there.

Every time we see it, one by one the memories will appear.
And the value is bigger than what money can offer...

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» July 11, 2013 / -12:37 AM
Breathing Jakarta's Air

Jakarta's air is full of our memories
Our conversation's lingering around
Our shadow's filled the place

And every time I breath
There's always you in it

So if you asked me
"Why is it so hard to let go?"
Just asked yourself
"Can you live without breathing?"

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» July 10, 2013 / -5:10 PM
Film Festival Experience

My first time attending a  film festival was in Jakarta for JIFFEST (Jakarta International Film Festival) with Evan, watched a French movie called Bienvenue chez le Ch'tis. I was so in love with the movie and vowed to myself that I will attend more film festival. After moving to Bandung, I attended INAFFF (Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival) and watched about 3-4 movies.

And I finally, I attended 2 more film festivals this year, German Cinema Film Festival and Korean Film Festival!

I only watched 1 movie called This Ain't California in German Cinema Film Festival. It was a fiction documentary film about skating sport in German during 80's. Divided into 5 (or 6?) parts, it shown the lifestyle of 80's German teenagers. It was a great movie :D

For Korean Film Festival, I watched 6 out of 10 movies. As for me, the best movie goes to Miracle in Cell No. 7 which brought me into tears and laughter at the same time. But the other 5 movies are great as well! The Grand Heist, Deranged, Runway Cop, Masquerade and How To Use Guys With Secret Tips are worth to watch!

Really looking forward to another film festival held in Jakarta or Bandung! 

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