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» April 17, 2013 / -10:46 AM
It's Finally Gone...

Just a few days ago, I realized that my old blog on Multiply is gone.

Multiply changed into a marketplace, so there's no blog left on Multiply. Including mine.

Am I sad?

Yes, definitely. My Multiply was once an emotional blog. I used to cry few times when I wrote some posts. There were some photos that I don't have right now since my first laptop was broken and I lost all the data. There were memories about all the people that step into my life and created different stories.

Why didn't I update my Multiply and decided to move to this place?

Because I know that every memories need their own place. As for my memories, Multiply kept it all. It's always fun to going back and see what I used to write about. And it can become my lesson for the future.

Since everything' gone without a trace, I think I just keep move forward. No more turning back.


» April 06, 2013 / -10:45 PM
Meet Opi

Opi is a 4 years old girl. She cried pretty loud when she came to our last Happy Play session. Then I came to her and asked her to play along with me and my friends. I showed her a teddy bear wooden puzzle and she agreed to play with me.

I talked to her mom while playing, asking why she came to the hospital from early in the morning. Her mom said that Opi needs a check up because she has a complex heart disease. The doctor starts to give up on helping Opi.

My heart sunk when listening to her mom. My eyes started to watery but then I smiled again when she showed me her teddy bear. Opi stayed with us until we started to pack up our stuffs. She cried again because she wanted to keep the puzzle with her ;p

Get well very soon, Opi. I know there must be a miracle for you :')

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