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» March 31, 2013 / -8:16 PM
Happy #TableTopDay

March 30th was Table Top Day!

Me and SegitigaNet team hold our private Table Top Day at our office. I bought snacks first and arrived around 12 PM. The others came around 1 PM. Total 8 of us played; Me, Enggar, LioRio, Isza, Ubim, Archie, and Vicky.

First session, we played The Resistance and this game became our most-played game. I don't know why... But I became Spy 3 times out of 6 games. And since I'm not good at lying *wink wink*, they discovered me too fast.

I went to OZ at 3 PM since I had to on-air at 5-7 PM. While I'm away, they played Battlestar Galactica for 2 hours also Power Grid. And during my airing time, they kept on tweeting to me and my radio station's twitter. Happy but at the same time quite embarrass since I'm still not that good...

I met Enggar on my way back to office. She had to leave because she had an appointment. Rio left too when  we ordered dinner, so 6 of us left. We played Munchkin for about 4 hours and played The Resistance again.

We all surrendered around 2 AM. So we played for 12 hours hahaha. But I'm quite satisfied with our session. I definitely need more game session ;p

All the boys for Munchkin session

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» March 30, 2013 / -12:50 AM

Traffic's always sucks during long holiday in Bandung.

I went to PVJ while working on my task and waiting for #OZRIENTAL at 7 PM. My plan was going to Ciwalk but since the traffic was too busy, I decided to go to PVJ since it takes a shorter time to go to OZ.

Strolling around, I found this little store of @treeasureshop selling leather bracelet. There are lots of cute and unique bracelet! I looked around and find a plastic box with a leather bracelet inside. When I turned it around, something's written there...

"Everything happens for a reason"

I just smiled  and bought it immediately but then I forgot I only have 50 thousand left on my wallet -_-

I believe it's a sign from nature and above. It just reminds me that whatever happens, find the positive side because there must be a lesson that I can take...

Then, what about your presence in my life? What will be the reason?

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» March 24, 2013 / -8:34 PM
I lied if I didn't admit that...

I miss you...

I used to longing for your attention. But not now. Not when everything has changed to a better condition.

I don't know what will happen if I meet you someday.

Will I shed tears?

Will I be able to speak to you?

I don't know. Maybe I just need time.

A lot of time...


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