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» September 28, 2012 / -7:51 PM
Little steps

these little steps will take me closer to you
even if you go far away
or you try to change your direction
these little steps will follow you

these little steps won't get tired
as long as there is you
no matter what happen along the road
these little steps will make it's way

these little steps of mine will leave a mark
as a sign so you know
that I want to be with you
and my little steps want to be with yours


» September 08, 2012 / -11:39 PM

Kaizen (改善) means "continuous improvement". It comes from the Japanese words 改 ("kai") which means "change" or "to correct" and 善 ("zen") which means "good".
Yesterday, I went to Jakarta along with my friends as board game coaches for AON Indonesia's birthday with BR2C Team. We departed around 8 AM and arrived around 12 PM. The event started at 3 PM so we had time to set up our stuffs. We were quite nervous since there was change of plan of playing time from 45 minutes to 35 minutes. But it turned out as a challenging game session and we're happy to please everyone with a happy session.

At the end of the event, we held an evaluation called Kaizen. There are 3 parts; (a) impression of everyone during the process, (b) any positive things, (c) reflection on what needs to be improved. So actually, the last part is the real Kaizen. But I guess it's important to bring up the first 2 to build up an impression of the event.

My Kaizen for yesterday was I haven't mingled enough with the participant. I guess I need a lot of courage to take a part in conversation with stranger and found something to talk about. Remember that this to give you new knowledge in term of marketing and public relation!

Perhaps I will do the same thing if there's an event evaluation!

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