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» June 26, 2012 / -12:36 AM
Happy Holiday


Some chose to have short course, some chose to have internship. While I chose to spend quality time with my family. Last semester, I went to Jakarta once or twice in short period of time so I guess this 2 months of holiday will repay everything (and perhaps I will go back to Jakarta again for New Year holiday).

My plan is playing with my little brother, helping my mom on her work, supporting my cousins on their university admission test and having a long day of reading. And also visiting this year's Ennichisai with fellow friends from Bandung.

Have a magnificent day :D

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» June 06, 2012 / -10:25 PM
Curriculum Vitae

Just few days ago, I made a CV in booklet style. And just today, I dropped it, along with my voice sample, to one of radio station in Bandung. I'm not really good in designing or even Photoshop-ing but I guess what I did is quite awesome hahaha.

big thing comes in small package!

Actually, I once thought that I will give them that oh-so-boring CV, made in Word and full of words. But after some moment, especially after my last MC job, I thought that it's better to give my first impression in unique way. So I made this booklet-style CV. Pretty much confusing for me who's never engaged too much in design work but then I managed to do it. So happy that I made 2 copies, 1 is given to the radio station and 1 for me yeay!

super awesome CV; The Game of Life style :D

Found this The Game of Life-style CV and it's super awesome! I would love to make one of this but I guess  I will confuse in the middle of making it LOL. Maybe I should make it Catan-style CV? or maybe Dixit?

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