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» May 21, 2012 / -11:03 PM
Flashmob and I

Bazaar SMAN 5 Bandung - Fivelive Battlefield Flashmob

I made the choreography for Raise Your Glass  - Glee Version, Glow - Madcon, What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) - Kelly Clarkson and I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas (teamed up with my superb  Hafidz :*). Practiced for about 2 months with some minor changes within few weeks before the D-day. Couldn't be there to see it live is really devastating. But saw the reaction on twitter and watched the video, I couldn't be more proud to all of them :) :)

Second Gleek Indonesia Flashmob at EX Plaza Jakarta

Excited yet super nervous. But since I danced with fellow gleeks, it turned out to be amazing and we asked for more *chuckles* Will be joining for the next Glee Flashmob for sure :D
For more story, check the post here

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» May 15, 2012 / -9:27 PM
L'Arc~en~Ciel 20th Anniversary World Tour 2012: Jakarta

It felt like a dream come true.
Lapangan D Senayan - May 2nd, 2012

The concert was held on Wednesday. I supposed to have a lab exam and lecture on that day but there were none! So I went to Jakarta on Tuesday evening and planned on getting the ticket on D-Day.

First Gate 

Met with friends from Bandung there and decided to queue with them. Entering the first gate, I separated with them since I had to give my friend's ticket to her driver. But I'm 30 minutes earlier arrived inside than the others. Since most of them got Regular Ticket, I decided to wait for Pandu-Senpai to queue along in Premium Ticket.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The queuing line was insane. No crew that supposed to arrange the line. So we had to arranged and told the others about the line. But they gave us some kind of flashlight to put on our finger. Cool! The gate was supposed to open at 6:30 PM but they opened in at 5:00 PM. Maybe to make everyone inside by the time the concert start. It took in total 2:30 hours just to queue in gate 1 and 2. When entering the venue, I asked the guy who gave me wristband, "Is it really L'arc~en~Ciel concert in Jakarta???" and he said "Sure it is! Please enjoy the show.". It brought me to tears just to enter the venue, saw my wristband and heard the instrumental song of XXX and Link in the venue. Pandu-Senpai even screamed happily when entering the venue. Then I had to wait another one hour since the show starts at 8:00 PM. Waiting is not really a problem since all the Cielers are really friendly and we joked about things that may happen on the show (like the show is late just because Tetsuya needs to finish his Pisang Goreng or Ken is trying Rokok Kretek and asking for more for the show).

The Stage

It's almost 8:00 PM when the rain started to pour lightly. There's an announcement stated that if thunder rain happens, the show must be stopped immediately. But then the rain stopped. And the VCR started to play. Everyone's cheering. Me, who's just 160 and coming to her very first concert, struggled just to see what happened on the stage. And suddenly the intro of "Ibara no Namida" played. I'm still looking around to see where the guitar sound came from when I heard Hyde's voice. Then I saw little silhouettes of Hyde and Yukkie on stage. Also Ken and Tetsuya from the big screen. And my tears won't stop coming. I thought it's from a CD or something before I saw them. I raised my lightstick with my right hand while my left hand kept wiping my tears and I still sang along.

And all the songs just flow smoothly with all the chants from Cielers. We're pointing to the members in "CHASE" (I'm chasing you). Had a little mistake when singing "GOOD LUCK MY WAY" (shinjiru michi he). Jumped crazily in "HONEY" (I want to fly, waiting for sunrise). Never end chant in "DRINK IT DOWN" (let down, you feel, trust falls, break down). Cheered on Yukkie for "REVELATION" (revelaaatiooon~). Made a wave of lightstick in "Hitomi no Juunin" (miagereba kagayaki wa iroasezu afurete itai). Made X sign using our lightstick in "XXX" (step into fascination, trap of infatuation, kiss).

When it came to "fate", I was pushed to the front. Sang "fate" and "forbidden lover" alone while others just waved their lightstick. I felt like an old fangirl (well, I am!) and I cried even more during these 2 songs. Then we had another energetic moment in "MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM" (yume wo egaku yo, our hearts draw a dream) and also SEVENTH HEAVEN (stairs to the seventh, running up to heaven, yeah).

The best part when Hyde gave his mic to Cielers for "Driver's High" verse. I know he didn't do it in any other live (except in Premium Night) so I believe Hyde and the rest of the members really appreciate Indonesian Cielers that night. Then goes "STAY AWAY" with the cool dance VCR (cause it's stain, stay away) and "READY STEADY GO" (are you fucking ready?).

Before Encore, we were asked to do a body wave according to the VCR. But then another raindrop falls. We started to sing "Anata" reff and suddenly the lyrics appeared. The members then appeared and sing "Anata"  while we sang along and wave our lightstick and I cried again during the song (anata ga iru kara). Magically, the rain stopped after "Anata" finished. The next song which made them really popular in Indonesia, "The Fourth Avenue Cafe" and all the fanboy sang it loudly (kisetsu wa odayaka ni owari o tsugeta ne). "Link" was next with everyone joined the rhythmic clapping before the last reff (tatoe haruka tooku hanarebanareni nattemo tsunagariau omoi).

As usual, last song was "Niji". But, everyone started to chanting "Blurry Eyes" right after "Link". All the members look confused. I knew most of the fan here in Indonesia fell in love with them because of "Blurry Eyes" so that's why we chanted for it. But then Hyde said that "Niji" is their last song and we started to sang along (soredemo omou anata anata no koto o).

Everything seemed surreal. Tetsuya started to throw all the banana he had in the basket. Yukkie and Ken disappeared from the stage. Tetsuya and Hyde promised they will be come back to Jakarta. I still couldn't believe that I just watched their concert. And then they gone. People started to walk out of the venue while me sat on the ground, looked to the stage and made myself believe that I just watched them (hey, Yukkie's awesome drum's still there!)

Still didn't believe (LOL)

Even though there was "No Camera" rule and they posted it everywhere, people still recorded with their phone. For me, who came to enjoy the show, it really bothered me since I couldn't see them clearly because those phone blocked them (or maybe it's just me who's short). And everyone seemed to put it in internet. Since Indonesia concert will be put in a DVD, so I think everyone should save up their money to buy the DVD to watch the concert instead hoping others to upload the video in internet.

Since most of the songs in the playlist were from "Butterfly" album, I didn't really remember the lyrics. I really hope if one day they hold a concert again, they will play songs from each of their album. If I can make the setlist, it will be (based on album):

Shutting from the sky / Flood of Tears
Blurry Eyes
C'est La Vie /Vivid Color
Flower / The Fourth Avenue Cafe / Caress of Venus
Anata / Niji / fate
Forbidden lover / Driver's High / Heaven's Drive / Dive to Blue / Pieces
Honey / Kasou / Trick
Stay Away / Love Flies / Finale
Ready Steady Go / Feeling Fine / Hitomi no Juunin / Spirit Dreams Inside
New World / Jojoushi / Killing Me / Jiyuu e no Shoutai
My Heart Draws A Dream / Seventh Heaven
Chase / Good Luck My Way

No matter what the setlist will be, I will watch their next concert in Jakarta! Definitely!

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» May 12, 2012 / -10:49 PM
Consumer Awareness

So happy having a little time to write :)

Since I moved to Bandung, I have a little tradition in grocery shopping. I never buy any toiletries in small retail chain (which usually ends with "Mart"). I prefer to shop at big retail chain since it's easier to compare with other brands (to get cheaper price :P) and I can find some interesting and new products. And I love the feeling when I stroll around the mart, going to every alley even though I don't need the products in that alley :D

My third year has decrease my shopping spree time. I need to stay at lab longer,work for my assignments and do some projects. Therefore, the only option for me to shop is to go to that small retail chain.

Because I'm so stingy (LOL), I usually look for any promotion available every month. Any "Buy 1 Get 2" or "Discount" will interest me much. But then I only buy what I need. Like on previous month, I buy 2 big packs of shampoo just because the "Buy 1 Get 2" promotion. Well, it does cheaper so at least I save up some of my money :D

The problem with the small retail chain, the employees are not care about the promotion at all. So, you need to check on the bill after the transactions, whether you got the free product or not. And you need to tell them or else they won't care about it.

One time, I told them that I got a free product and when they checked on the stock list, the free product was out of stock. Then why do you have to put the promotion there when the product is not even there?

One case, out of this retail chain things, there was some promotion using stickers and raffle card. A customer complained on twitter because they didn't get the sticker on that day. The answer was "you should've said it to our employee".

So I guess, it's back to our awareness as a consumer. If we are not aware enough, it's our own loss...

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