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» March 22, 2012 / -4:24 PM
Virtual Insanity

There are 3 things that can keep my insanity away; Writing, dancing and coffee.

As far as I remember, my interest in writing started from my mom. She is a book fanatic. When I was a little, she always ask me whether I want to spend my money on games or books every time we went to malls. And my answer is always books! She always encourage me to start writing. Luckily, I went to school where I have to write a lot. Story, paper or even exam answer are long enough for me to write. Having friends that also loves to write and story-telling encourage me to write more. I have lots of (abandoned) blog since sometimes I get bored a lot or just because I want to make a new one *chuckles.* Writing in English become a choice since I used to use a lot of English during my high school times but not so much now. I need to keep my proficiency in English so I need to write and read a lot. And somehow I feel more comfortable to write or express something in English. Don't know why...

I think I wrote a lot about my interest dance in some posts *laugh*. Now, I become a freelance choreographer which give me a whole new experience and perspective about dancing. Usually I just watched some dance competition on TV just because I like it. But now, I try to analyze the movement, song choice and details. Done some research and it makes me want to learn more about dancing. I would love to join any dance class or session in Bandung if it's possible for me. Thinking about joining fitness club which has dancing class but still pricey for me :(

My lecturer one said, "Those who drink sweet coffee, their life must be bitter". Well, I got to admit that sentence is a bit true. I like to have my coffee to be warm enough for my hand to wrap the glass. I only drink  sweet coffee (like blended coffee) if I just had quite a hard time. While my bitter coffee (actually not that bitter, at least the taste of coffee is not gone because of the sweetness) tastes delicious when I have a great time. The thing that I love about coffee shop is that the air smells so coffee. Got me feeling energetic :D

But actually, there's nothing beats 3 best things that keep my sanity on the ground; God, family and friends :)


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