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» February 24, 2012 / -1:59 PM
Gleek Indonesia Flashmob

After having my first time volunteering, I finally had my another "first-time-moment"

By it's very definition, Gleek Bandung is about opening yourself up to joy.

Flashmob is something that pretty popular in Indonesia. For promoting brands, supporting artist to come to Indonesia or just for fun. And what I did was for inviting Glee Cast to hold their Glee Tour in Indonesia (which apparently they won't do it in 2012).

I found out about this flashmob through twitter. They were opening registration so I asked 2 of my friends to join along (which later just one of them still continue). Since the venue is in Jakarta, we had to go Bandung-Jakarta for the big practice day and the D-Day.

I'm not a great dancer. Just an ordinary person who like to try to do some dance movements like those Japanese or Korean. I remember when I was in kindergarten, I joined dance routine for an event but I dance the boys part (since my teacher back then said my body feature's like boys LOL). Like I mentioned in my previous post, Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" always intrigued me to dance along. So I'm not that stiff to do some movements.

As for that reasons, I was chosen as one of the trainer along with 2 other boys (YES! I'm the only girl!). We were also the representative from Bandung to do the opening act with other trainers from Jakarta, Bekasi and Depok. Which for me it's something amazing yet making me nervous.

Those who registered for Bandung area are about 100 people. But, as Darwin said, natural selection does exist. It came down until no more than 15 people. We always making it as a joke and an excuse, "At least we can making it to Sectionals ! :D". As for practice venue, we did it in an open space since it's free and spacious.

Lots of things happen during the few days of D-Days. Thinking about choreography for dance break on opening act, a person who can replace one of the trainer since he can't skips work as well as the accommodation and transportation. Thanks God we can making it successfully. 

Here's the video of the flashmob (if you curious hahaha). Not the official one but it's quite good.

Thank you Gleeks Bandung and Gleek Indonesia! For fellow trainers for the amazing opening act.
Can't wait for another session! :D

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» February 14, 2012 / -1:58 PM
"you could go with this, you could go with that"

I love this video
Everytime I go to a hotel, I really want to try to dance like Walken! :D

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» February 06, 2012 / -9:51 AM

let me travel around
to the infinity
I can stop, I can stay
wherever I want to be

let me feel the heat
let me see the light
I will move forward
I will  move faster

you won't keep up with me
you cannot catch me
around and around
to the infinity

distance may be far
season may change
but you know I will back
to the place where I start

nothing gonna stop me
beside me myself and I

inspiration from inorganic chemistry lecture. yeay! :D


» February 02, 2012 / -7:42 PM
metabolic pathway

I always love biochemistry. Even though I took "Physics" as my major during high school, but I like chemistry and biology! I chose it because there's no "Chemistry" major while "Biology" filled with peers whose willing to take medical at uni.

This semester's biochemistry topics are metabolism and genetics information. I remembered during my high school I need to know every steps on metabolism, all the cycle and what happen during the process. Now, it's getting worst because I need to remember the enzyme and the structural of the substance involves. So scary...

Picture above is  human metabolism pathways. So complicated, right? It reminds me of transportation map like MRT in Singapore or underground tube in UK Luckily, I'm not going to learn all of this now. But most of them.

Seeing this, I can't believe that human's metabolism are this complicated. One dysfunction may affect the others and caused bad health. So take care of yourself and always be healthy! :D


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