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» December 23, 2011 / -9:56 AM
soft launching "demi ucok" film

I suppose to go back to Jakarta at 21st of December. But then, I win this...

soft launching "demi ucok" film

This soft launching event marks the first time they play the film, but invitation only. Public release will be around April or May 2012. So I'm pretty lucky, right? :D

The theme of this soft launching is "Layar Tancep". The last time I did this is when I was in primary school. So this kinda bring good memories of mine. The location is near Kebun Binatang Bandung and was the location for "cin(T)a" and this movie as well.

the big screen

On my way to the location, there are lots of mural painting. It's just awesome. At the location, there were tent with lanterns and balloons hanging. I wish I can bring home the balloon hihihi. Lots of artsy stuffs there, like the trash bin, stage props and photo booth!

photo booth

While waiting for bus from Jakarta, they played the "behind-the-scene" of the movie. We also allowed to eat there from many stalls available. Batagor, Siomay, Mie Ayam Bakso, Bubur Ayam, Wedang until Arum Manis! I had 2 portion of Siomay, 1 portion of Bubur Ayam, 2 Arum Manis and Hot Sweet Tea from Ibu-ibu PKK there who's really energetic (and even talking in Sundanese to me hahaha)

Arum Manis!

When Jakarta groups arrived, the place were finally full. Front seats are provided for those who wants to lesehan. I met other winners and have a little talk with them. When the movie starts, we didn't allow to go to the food stalls so I had another pack of Arum Manis during the movie :P

Before the movie starts, the director and the casts (minus Saira Jihan who's in Singapore) talked about their feeling about the movie. I can see that how passions can really drive you to give your best. The cast of A Cun (Sunny Soon) said that he finally realized that his passion is in film industry and the director (Sammaria Simanjuntak) said that always do what you love for those who loves you especially your parent.

front seat and tumbling "demi ucok"

After the movie screening, I got the chance to talk with mbak @ainsianturi, who played as Gloria Sinaga. She's so kind and very funny. She even encouraged us to be one of the co-pro for this movie. So I signed up myself as one of 10.000 co-pro for the movie. It's very interesting because by donating Rp 100.000, your name will be on their poster and you will get customize merchandise. For more info, please visit Demi Ucok's Website and twitter.

the co-pro receipt with mbak @ainsianturi's fierce eyes

I won't provide any spoiler but it's really worth-to-watch movie! If it's possible, I will watch it with my mom. Especially if you have the same condition with Glo, having mother who asked you to get married soon. It's a humble, simple yet interesting story added with lots of laughter. The 4 main characters (Mak Gondut, Glo, A Cun, Niki) are definitely astonishing. Mak Gondut definitely my favorite character with all the unpredictable words from her mouth (on and off screen!).

It's a very interesting and exciting experience. Can't say how much I feel gratitude for this. Don't forget to watch this movie on cinema in 2012! IMADAAAAA~!!

"Don't live following your fear" - Sammaria Simanjuntak

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» December 21, 2011 / -9:31 PM
holiday month

kicking my holiday month with a sip of coffee and a set of knitting tools.

I believe this holiday month will be awesome!



» December 17, 2011 / -10:18 PM
blue rain

まだ 旅の途中 やまぬ嵐 果てなき道
生きて 心のこの声に従うだけ
声を 燃やしながら 歌い続け 踊り続ける
わたしに 降りそそぐ
Blue Rain, Blue Rain

moumoon - blue rain


» December 11, 2011 / -5:49 PM
Bandung Mendung

Monsoon has arrived in Bandung for quite few months. And it's not only rain, but thunder, windstorm, flood and ice rain as well. It's so scary and I prefer to stay at room. Even the latest Moon Eclipse cannot be seen from Bandung because of the clouds.

But I believe, beside all those scary things, there is beauty behind that. The sky. I guess this month has given me some of the most beautiful sky through the year. Especially when it near Maghrib, around 5-6 PM. The last time I took pictures of this kind of sky was around mid-2010 (link).

Well, photos are taken around my dorm using my (need-to-be-replace) phone. Seems like I need to go around Bandung again before going back to Jakarta :)

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» December 03, 2011 / -11:16 PM
Midnight Text

mom sent this picture.
little bro said, next time I go to Jakarta I should sleep there with him.

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