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» November 25, 2011 / -10:45 PM
just a thought on children and education

Strolling around facebook and found something interesting.

My aunt who lives in UK was asked by her friend about education system in UK. Is it the same like in Indonesia, where children who wants to enter primary school should be able to read and write?

My cousin is 6 years old. I remember when my aunt told me, her 6th birthday party held in her school auditorium with the theme of "Disco Night" and Lady Gaga's songs are the playlist that day.
But no, that's not the part of the things I want to share :P

My aunt's family always come home for a month around Idul Fitri. Once, both my aunt and my cousin visited their relative. In Indonesia, it's very common to see children bring some kind of luggage as their bag to school, packed with books. Sure, I've done that too when I was in primary school. My cousin was a bit confuse because she and her friends always bring a small backpack, just lunchbox and stationary.

Another concern is, how school set a high standard for children before they enter the school. They should be able to read and write. After entering the school, no more playing time since they have cram school to do.

"Why can't they let children be children?", said my aunt.

Seems too much pressure for kids. They have to meet the standards, or else will be failed at school. Or their parent will start to compare them with other kids (which I hate the most).

Soon, I'll be a mom. Parenting has no school. It's good to know other's experience and story as your experience. Then again, when you become a parent, I believe your instinct will speak itself :)


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