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» October 29, 2011 / -1:56 AM
afternoon tea session

take a cup of tea
and eat the scone
with the afternoon sky
and my dear old man

let's talk about us
let's talk about the future
but don't talk about the past
please please please

everything is fine
what you think, what you do
everything is fine
Earl Grey, Green Tea or just Jasmine Tea

because you know
I will listen to all your stories
lies or truth
so just talk and stay beside me

will I see you on the next afternoon?
I will bake you more scone
I will make you more tea
so we can spend another afternoon together


» October 24, 2011 / -10:14 PM

On my birthday, I decided to try lots of new things, especially involve in volunteering. I did some research and I found nothing. But, the offer came unexpected...


Back in early 2011, an event called "Ganesha Bermain" held in Comlabs ITB. I was participating in it because of Beben and Natsu's company, Agate Studio, became one of the organizer along with Kummara. Surprisingly, I became the third winner and received voucher for board game. There, I met Mas Eko Nugroho and Mbak Kanty from Kummara. I remembered, Mas Eko said that he had an idea to make a big-scale version of Ganesha Bermain in Sabuga. I was smiling at that time, but I knew that it's gonna be awesome.

Found out the news later from Beben about the website and I was super excited! But there were no updates later until on July, Natsu told me about the roadplay. So I came alone, lost in nowhere since angkot had to go around because of road blocks (damn you motorcycle drifting event!), came 10 minutes before the closing but still had the fun by playing confusion (and I declared myself as master of confusion :D) and other board games (AH! and also the food! the food is so tasty :9).

I never opened the website again on during August since I had to work on Orientation Week at campus. Once I opened it, I startled to see that they open Volunteer Recruitment! I immediately signed for it and hoped that I became one of the volunteers.

And my dream came true. A twitter mention came and welcomed me and others as Indonesia Bermain Volunteers. Three volunteer meet-ups were always on my top list on my agenda.

First meet-up, I came so early that I helped making satay combination of sausage, potato and eggplant for BBQ. Yes, eggplant for BBQ. Sounds weird? But we just finished them all! Second meet-up, I got a new nickname "Mpok" since I talked a lot and saving the day by bringing 1 pack of marshmallow (which then declared that in every meet-up there should be at least 1 pack of marshmallow :D). Third meet-up, I was so late that I got only 1 satay. Thanks God someone brought 1 pack of marshmallow so we continued the BBQ and we also BBQ the potatoes. Don't ask about the taste of the potatoes. Please.

Wednesday, in the middle of Biochem Labwork, Mbak Kanty texted and invited me to come to Kummara's office at Sukaluyu. It's Cooking Day at Kummara! Vitri was making Lasagna and I helped her. Another dream came true since I was longing to cook Lasagna from last year (Lesson, Lasagna takes a LONG TIME to cook!). After that, talked a lot with Mas Eko and Kummara Team, Mas Tegil from detikBandung and Beben about Indonesia Bermain. And ended up in this conversation:

Mas Eko: "We need MCs. Do you know anyone who are willing to be MC?"

Me: "Well, I did MC-ing few times..."

Mas Eko: "Good! Welcome to the team! Please find another MCs cause we need it."

And I ended up MC-ing with my partner-in-crime, Anchi :D

MCs are at your service! :D - credits of

I was asked to come to Indonesia Bermain's Press Conference. Beside about Indonesia Bermain contents, I learned a lot about media and Public Relations. It was a huge lesson and I will always remember about it. Media are tricky... But the foods are superb!

A day before Indonesia Bermain, went to Sabuga and started to see that stands are on the way, the dock was done, the chairs were ready. Briefing with Mas Eko and Anggra made me quite nervous since Mayor of Bandung and Vice-Governor of West Java will be visiting on first day. I can't sleep properly that night. Too many things to think about.

There are no words can explained enough how I feel about two days of Indonesia Bermain. I could spread happiness through my voice, giving information (conference, tournament, lost and found until child missing-in-action) and saw the crowds are happy and satisfied. Smile is everywhere. Working with best team ever even though we had to sneak around to be able to play at the booth, hectic because too many announcements waiting and then there were some changes when it is announce, made an open war with another MC at other booth just to announced something until picking up tickets left on the floor to redeem the Tango Voucher (what a shame...). There were lots of kids (especially on day 2), and I wished that my little brother were there too...

I hold my tears back when I announced the closing with a big smile. It's been a very moving experience this 4 weeks and I can't believe it's over. Thank you is just not enough to everyone that involved in this event. I met lots of amazing, passionate and inspiring people from the committee and volunteer. I finally realized and experienced how powerful playing and happiness are and you just cannot hold it by yourself. You have to share it with everyone else.

Till we meet again, at Indonesia Bermain 2012 :)

Main Stage Team - ♥

just one day after and we already miss it :''''')

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