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» May 23, 2011 / -1:37 AM

I just realized that each little thing that we do in our everyday life is a constant pattern of what we learned in our childhood. Nothing new to how we approach our facts everyday, until we realized them and decide to create a new pattern to follow.

For example, I've always wanted people to talk to me about anything, to communicate with me on things, I love discussions. and one day I realized that it's the one thing I desired the most upon growing up.

Unfortunately, not many people realized it, or want to change it for the better. Well, people are reluctant to change, it's natural. But this is what differentiate a wise from a lazy, a successful person from a mediocre.

taken from my ultimate cousin's FB notes. thank you so much, Tika :)


» / -1:22 AM
another update?

maybe this blog will be abandon for another semester due to lab activities *sigh*

it's 2 months ago after my last post and actually I'm in between my study time but I guess I'm not in the mood...

life's been change. and it's always be.

this semester I really learn about how one comment from a person can change a whole lot of perspectives toward another. I remember there's a time where I heard lot of rumours here and there about a person then next time about the other.

it's not easy to not getting into it when people surround you will always talking about it. it's hard just to move away and not to hear anything, pretend that you don't know anything. how people think it's impossible to be able in both sides, becoming the neutral side.

you try not to change when people change, and they say that you've changed and they're not.

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