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alittlechit chat

» May 21, 2010 / -10:23 AM

you're seem wondering every time I smile when I'm looking at you
when you ask me,
"what's wrong?"
I just shake my head and give you another smile
leaving you with another question mark

I smile because I like you
when you smile back at me
or just give me small pats
I feel comfortable with you

or when you looking at me
asking me,
"are you alright? tired?"
I feel grateful to have you

hope that our smile never fade away :)


» May 03, 2010 / -8:12 PM
busy bee

I miss being a busy bee in high school...

not to mention that I'm not a busy bee right now with all the tasks and mid-tests. but I miss being in an event like I always did. I realize that I involved in YOCCHIKOI! and almost collapsed after it. but I miss small-scale events.

I remember MADFFEST (Madania Film Festival). I wasn't the committee at first but ms. zarisha dragged me to help her as second secretary (I consider myself as a volunteer, though). it just an event for jakarta and bogor scale with a total of 11 films. the next thing I know is I didn't work as a secretary anymore. I sent the proposal, promoted the event, helped the decoration. and even until the D-Day, I worked as a MC also a runner and technician as well. only 150 guests but we're so happy yet exhausted at that moment.

I missed CIVED film session. that's the first time I'm being a time-keeper. I worked again as a technician since we had several problems with the laptop and the film itself. this time, it involved all the high school students and we had to arrange them in 4 different classrooms. there was one class who had the most problem among the others. the AC is broken, the laptop was restart for several times, the film was played not in their order. it's fun although I didn't watch the movie. I stayed outside to maintain the time and to be ready if there's some technical problems along.

I wanted to be a part of ASEC (ASEAN Science Entrepreneurship Challenge) selection again. seeing juniors doing their best in order to be school representatives for ASEC in Indonesia. seeing their potential become a part to make a better world. it just made me proud when my favorite candidate (with his teammate) won the ASEC and become representative for Indonesia in GEC (Global Enterprise Challenge) and they even won the first place, beating teams from 15 different countries around the world. I was so envy at that time since I never been in an international competition before but I congratulated him and his teammate for their hard work.

but I guess, all those things are meant to be remember. I should've been grateful for what I have right now :)


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