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» September 28, 2009 / -9:20 AM
good to be back

If I were you, I wouldn't be here
If I were you I would stay right where you are
I wouldn't come near this broken heart
Just turn around and leave here
And find someone who won't hurt you
Make sure that she still believes in love
Cause I think my heart has given up
If I were you, I wouldn't be here
(Tamia - If I Were You)

now I'm back to bandung. there are sort of mix emotions when I arrived. then I felt very grateful to be able to have a chance of being with my dear friends. even though I haven't done all of my assignments but most of them are done.

another lesson I get from this holiday (not to mention the lesson from Ramadhan month :P) that do whatever you want to do as long as you enjoy it. without any interference from anyone. as long as you believe that it it good for you and can give you benefit. now, I want to deeper my Kendo and also make DnD bandung gaming group stronger :)

"Life goes on within you and without you" - The Beatles

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» September 14, 2009 / -10:14 PM
few first day in Jakarta

this is my 3rd day in Jakarta and I'm so happy! though Jakarta is a lot hotter than Bandung, but still very grateful to be able to meet my family especially my little brother.

this week is the last week of Ramadhan. I don't think I haven't made good deeds :( but hopefully this month will give me more lessons so I can be a better person in the fitire :)

still 11 days to go before I go back to Bandung...


» September 12, 2009 / -10:07 AM
jakarta in a minute

I will be heading back to Jakarta today.

there are few things that I miss about in Jakarta:
- family and my house, of course
- schoolmates, definitely
- PIM and its starbucks, just like my second house (ciwalk is my second house at bandung :p)
- Fantasy and Games and the people there (also pak toni's perkedel!), just like my own family
- its sunny and hot weather, so hard to find it here in bandung

I will stay there for about 2 weeks, celebrating Lebaran with my family and my great grandma. yippey!

lastly, happy Lebaran to all who celebrate it. hopes you all have a marvelous holiday :)


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