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» June 30, 2009 / -9:18 PM
title: h o l i d a y

removing some stuffs in here...

so actually I already begin my holiday. went everywhere with my yaris, packed my stuffs for bandung, had some quality time with friends.

yesterday, I met my friend, zami from jogja. finally. we met at sushi tei senayan city along with cupie and zami's friends. one of zami's friend shared the same name with me (but he's a he!) and another one went to the same school with my junior high friends. much fun, really.. can't wait for another sushi party time. weehee~!

holiday doesn't mean that you're going to have fun every time. there will be a time where yesterday you drove a mercedes then today you really want to bump your head to the wall. or maybe you will feel so bored with all your DVDs and you want to watch movies but no one can accompany you. I screwed few times but it won't distract my holiday..

wishing you a happy and joyous holiday :) :)


three "sushi tei" musketeers :D


» June 28, 2009 / -3:02 PM
Foi bom encontrar voce

Terlomparty 09.
a farewell party and prom night for terlomparte.

I love my terlomparte. each one of you. whoever you are. friends, enemies, frienemies. you just made my life even wonderful and precious.

I've known you for 6 years. yes, we started our junior high together and now we graduated together. how good life can be :)

I love how we spent our last night together. taking pictures, saying good luck, apologizing for what we did. looking back our high school time through photo slide show. what a wonderful life we had...

thank you guys. thank you terlomparte. friendship forever. I'll be missing you and our high school :')


» June 25, 2009 / -7:22 PM
Post-It Love

a cute short movie. maybe I want to make a card with emoticon's using post-it! haha


» June 14, 2009 / -11:35 PM
endless gratitude

my next destination:

:) :) :)


» June 09, 2009 / -12:31 AM
late night prayer

dear God,
this is my late night prayer.

thank you for all things you have given to me. to my family and to my friends. all the happiness and joy we had. all the pain and suffers that made us stronger.

my friends and I will entering a new phase of our life. this is going to be hard, oh God. but please keep our faith strong so we can still in the right track. so we can pursue all dreams that we always write and remember.

dear God,
today is my baby bro's birthday. please give him strength to face life. hope he will grow up as a brave and smart little boy who always have heart for each other.

once again, thank you for all the gift. I am very graceful that I can still alive until now...

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