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» May 03, 2009 / -6:54 PM
sangkuriang practice

today, my groups did a practice on our drama based on a super-duper famous sundanese folklore, Sangkuriang.

we all gathered around 11 a.m. at Pyy's house. Risty couldn't come along for UI Inter test of psychology major. so only 7 of us. 4 girls, 3 boys.

the first team to arrive!

the unusual things from this drama are we have to use english for the dialogs but we have to put 2 sundanese songs and 2 sundanese pantun in it. quite hard, really. a 30 minutes drama, with 4 scenes.

we started our practice at 12 after eating otak-otak and pizza. we did reading first for about one and a half hour then we tried with some blocking here and there for the rest half an hour. then we have a tasty lunch together. then we continued practicing.

the clock showed at 3 o'clock. 6 of us taking the same taxi (yes, imagine. 1 blue taxi for 6 people), going to PIM 2. arrived in PIM 2, we all separated. I walked with my 2 friends, Bian and Hisyam, went to gramedia to buy children folklore books for bahasa indonesia practical test. but before that, I went to Heaven Blush with Bian since I want HB so much while Hisyam went to the ATM. but the queuing really turned me down so I decided to go to gramedia. they choose the book while I'm looking at some new books including Sitta Karina's "Titanium". then we moved on to few toys shop there to find dog mask but none of them sell it.

we're walking nowhere. Hisyam went to music store and that's my (and Bian's) first time to go inside a music store. lool. then Bian asked me whether I want to go to HB again or not. of course I waant!! then we moved on to HB and luckily I don't have to queue that long again. Hisyam took a seat, order whatever according to me hahaha. this is Bian's first time to be in HB so he didn't know what to do. he tried the peach one but he's said it's too sour. well, it's yoghurt, you still can sense the sour part there. I ordered my fave combo, pome with longan and nata de coco. Bian ordered pome with mochi and kiwi and so did Hisyam. Hisyam likes the combo but he thinked the mochi is too sweet while Bian still thinks that the yoghurt is too sour. that's why I shared my nata de coco with him.

after fulfilled our stomach, we're separated again. I went to sogo supermarket to buy household stuffs and also B&R's vanilla ice cream. actually I only want the DRY ICE but why not buying yourself (and your family) a half litre of ice cream :P

hopefully we can get a good score!


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