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» April 24, 2009 / -12:34 PM
it is done

weehee UN is done. I'm so relieve that it means I need several steps more to be able to graduate from high school :)

today was fun. my friend was asleep during the test. he even SNORE! the observer was so amazed with him. he slept two times, today and the first (or second?) day of the test. hahaha. after the test, I talked to my EL teacher about the result of UN EL using her prediction answer and she said,

"all of you got EL score waay better than your bahasa score. so why do you need an EL teacher?"

hahaha. my EL teacher is so funny. we talked a lot, exchanging stories about our boyfriend. what an unusual topic to talk with your teacher.

and so we took photos together. me, my friends, my EL teacher and my headmaster :D


» April 19, 2009 / -9:29 PM
national exam

wow. few hours before national exam.

how do I feel? anxious? depressed? excited? nervous?

well, never mind.
I'm feeling quite okay for tomorrow. biology and bahasa indonesia seemed to be an unique combination.

this is the first time UN held for 5 days. which means the next 4 days only 1 subject per day. at least I can study physics and math in different time. hopefully I will get good score for all subject.

looking back 1 - 2 weeks before national exam, I'm so often reading those small books that compile all the materials from grade 10 - 12. then again, I think that those books are not that complete. I mean, if you want to really learn from the exam material given from Depdiknas, still, you need to make your own. but I'm too lazy. lol. actually you can make money from it. you can make it for next year national exam based on the exam material given. smart eh?

and now I'm having flu. AARGGHH. this is something baad. I wish I can bring my tissue roll to class or I'll end up sneezing everywhere. and that's not good.


» April 15, 2009 / -8:37 PM
a little gift

when I arrived from school today, I saw a package on my table. a brown envelope covered with plastic. written there my name and the sender.

sponsored by TIKI

it's something he promised me, few months ago. his debut home-made CD from his imagination band. paraparanoid. he sent it yesterday from his hometown. so happy even though I already listened to all of the tracks from myspace.

paraparanoid EP - tsuki

I opened the package, and saw a white CD and a pink notes. what a surprise from him. he also gave me 4 stickers of paraparanoid. so happy!

thank you bebii.. wish paraparanoid a big success (and you too for your university life :D)


» April 13, 2009 / -8:15 PM
a week

a week before national exam. but I'm so lazy to study. oh Lord forgive me. physics and math are my Achilles' heel. I usually learn for 1 - 1 1/2 hour per day for those 2 subjects. but then my brother messed up everything and I lose my motivation.

since I'm back because of a freaking and super annoying disease named MUMPS, I need to eat a looot. I can't eat while having those mumps that's why I need more nutritions supply. for dinner today, I had tuna salad (which very tasty but the sauce was yuck) and spicy chicken BBQ pizza with extra mozarella. nyumm..

I need to study again. Einstein Postulate and Alkali Earth Metal, wait for meee :D


» April 09, 2009 / -9:31 PM
Books Actually

a lovely little bookstore named Books Actually, located in Singapore!

Books Actually sells handmade notebooks! limited edition of 300 edition and it's sooo lovely. not only that, they also sells postcards and stationaries. all handmade! how lovely is thaat!

drey has one of these. so envy.

Books Actually sells lomo, movies and books. they also often make event such as book launching etc.

Books Actually really inspired me to make a cute little shop like this. making my own notebooks with reasonable price and limited! I need to find a second typewriter, paper factory for the paper and stencil for the picture. maybe not the same like that. but more of inspired. just feel want to make it when I'm in college.


» April 08, 2009 / -8:15 PM

both SIMAK and USM.

quite down, especially for USM ITB. I expected quite big to become one of ITB student. I first not cried when I saw it. just take a deep breath and told my friends. most of them are failed but glad my best friend passed it :)

then I know ITB really wait me there. written there, in the end of the paragraph.

Berdasarkan hasil ujian PMBP-ITB 2009 di Daerah, pada PMBP-ITB 2009 Terpusat 2009, anda berpeluang untuk diterima di salah satu Fakultas/Sekolah berikut : FITB, FMIPA, SITH, SAPPK.

Bila anda mampu meningkatkan prestasi, pada PMBP-ITB 2009 Terpusat 2009, anda berpeluang untuk diterima di salah satu Fakultas/Sekolah berikut : FTTM.

somehow, my heart started to feel warmer. I feel really glad that actually I can pass this freaking test. My chosen school just set too bar too high for me :P

may is going to come. the second usm will be held in bandung. wait me there o dear Ganesha :D


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