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» January 26, 2009 / -9:11 PM

still working on my AE 4 *sigh*

during my 12 grade life, I never get a chance to experience deep sleep. where I can relaxing my mind, sleeping without thinking about any single thing. there always one tiny thing that stick on my brain. every time I wake up, I always feel tired. always sleepy again. though I sleep like 8 hours a day, it won't work.

it reminds me of what my bahasa teacher said to me that I always think about small stuffs that will lead to bigger stuffs. and it is. there almost no hole in my brain, it keeps full about everything. from important to random stuffs. no empty space.

and somehow yesterday I watched Mario Teguh's Golden Ways. I'm quite sleepy when I watched this show, about 20 minutes before this show over. he stated something, which made me awake and think it a whoole day.
"cause things that fulfill in your brain, things that you think, are not something that you do"

which for me, this statement was like a golden ticket. a wake up call. a spark of firework in new year eve. it's the reason of those things. for sure.

there there, I need to concentrate my brain. really strive for UAN!


» / -1:07 PM
miss them :'(

started from this week, I will move to IPA 2. with 4 other girls and 3 other boys from IPA 1. damn.

well, I'm going to miss IPA 1 like a looot. miss previous 6 months I spent with them. hiks. hopefully I don't have to adjust myself again with my new class. for sure, I will miss IPA 1's atmosphere. all the craziness and hectics during study time or laughter during volley time.

oh well, today is chinese new year and I'm stuck working on my works. assessment event and drilling. this week is biology week so I need to work on my biology drilling.

got to pass UI and ITB!


» January 05, 2009 / -2:31 PM
welcome speech

hello there.

so this is actually my... ehm.. 4th blog and my 3rd blog in blogspot. I will wandering around the blog without abandon my multiply page hehe..

cheeeerrss :D
ranea d.

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